Corfu is a fascinating island in the Ionian Sea with beaches, castles, and old towns to explore. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy water activities while nature lovers can hike or bike through the island’s trails or spot migratory birds. The local cuisine offers delicacies such as the famous beef stew “sofrito” and the cheese “boukovo”. Discover the natural beauty, rich history, and delicious cuisine of Corfu.


Paxos is a charming island in the Ionian Sea with white sandy beaches and hidden bays perfect for relaxation. Voutoumi beach with the famous Blue Canal is one of the most fascinating places on the island. Paxos is the ideal place for lovers of sea caves with the option to visit the famous Ipapanti Cave by boat. There are also scenic trails for nature lovers that cross the island. The hill of Agios Nikolaos can be reached on foot from the capital Gaios to enjoy a stunning view of the bay and surrounding islands.


Antipaxos, near Paxos, is a paradisiacal island with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The spectacular beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi are some of the main attractions. Antipaxos is an ideal place for sailing enthusiasts and boat rentals. You can also go hiking or cycling and taste the famous white wine Robola. There are no mass tourism structures on the island, but you can find local taverns on the coast that offer typical Greek dishes and fresh seafood. Antipaxos is the perfect place if you need a getaway to enjoy the sea and nature.


Ereikoussa, also known as Erikoussa or Ericusa, is a charming island off the coast of Corfu in the Ionian Sea, ideal for nature lovers, peace seekers, and tranquility enthusiasts. The main attraction of the island is its breathtaking coastline, especially Porto Beach with its golden sand and crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling. Ereikoussa also offers natural trails and panoramic hills for hiking or bicycling and a historic 19th-century lighthouse. It’s also renowned for local cuisine prepared with fresh products, including the famous caper bushes. In summary, Ereikoussa is the perfect hidden treasure for those seeking an escape from the chaos of daily life.


Othonoi is the perfect destination for those looking for an authentic Greek experience away from tourist crowds. Enjoy the famous Ammos beach with its golden sand and crystal clear water, visit the legendary Calypso Cave from the Odyssey, and explore picturesque villages via scenic trails. Nature lovers can observe various fauna and flora along the coast and enjoy snorkeling in the perfect waters. The warm and genuine hospitality of the island’s inhabitants, who offer fresh seafood dishes, local veggies, and cheeses, add to the experience. Othonoi is a dream destination for those seeking peace, nature, and authentic Greek culture.